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Starting June 2020

The Bellevue Christian School Clyde Hill campus is home to students in grades 7-12 as well as the School administrative offices. The Forward in Faith 2020 modernization project will transform the campus into a 21st century learning environment. The project will bring a new campus entrance and new school buildings, under a two-phase master plan, which at full build-out will accommodate 600 students in approximately 140,000 gross square feet. The campus transformation includes a new cooperative project with Sacred Heart Parish which enhances both schools’ athletic facilities and initiates a new cooperative sharing agreement.

gross square feet
new classrooms being constructed
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Master Plan (Phase I & II)

New classrooms being constructed: Total of 33 classrooms including new gym, specialized instruction (STEM/SAS/Fine & Performing Arts), HS commons and library. Site improvements including new surface parking and recessed parking structure (Sacred Heart). New athletic fields at Sacred Heart and BCS.

Phase I: 9 JHS classrooms – 200 students and 12 HS classrooms – 400 students. Buildings 89,000 GSF school & classrooms. Site work 30,000 GSF parking structure. 52,000 SF athletic field (Sacred Heart Playfield).

Start: June 2020 – June 2021

Phase II: 12 HS classrooms – 400 students. Buildings 51,000 GSF school & classrooms. Site work 132,000 SF athletic field and track (6 lane).

Start: 5 to 25 Years Following Phase I (Vested Master Plan).

More Info

The Bellevue Christian Forward in Faith 2020 building project will transform the Clyde Hill junior high and high school campus to reflect the school’s academic strengths and faith-filled mission.

The transformative initiative, now underway, will be undertaken in two separate phases: Phase I and Phase II. The master plans were designed to better utilize the Clyde Hill campus land, as well as combine the Sacred Heart – Lower Field parcel into the site development and fully replace the school facility. Phase I, to be completed by 2021, brings a new junior high school building, a new science building, new Student Academic Services classrooms, new gymnasium, and expanded parking to the campus. Phase II, to be completed 10 to 25 years  after Phase I, will bring a new high school building, a new performing arts stage, new commons, a new library and a new and expanded athletic field and track.

In partnership with Scared Heart Parish, the master plan incorporates the Sacred Heart – Lower Field to optimize access and parking to our campus. Phase I campus modernization includes an expanded parking and athletic field facility to be located on the former Sacred Heart – Lower Field.

The new buildings, together with new athletic field and parking, will expand BCS school offerings to a capacity of one hundred students per grade (7 to 12). The Phase I new buildings replace structures which were first built 60 to 50 years ago. Phase II buildings will replace the more recent high school which were first built more than 25 years ago.

Bellevue Christian School has committed to move forward with master plan approval and design development on the Clyde Hill campus site. The central goal of this work: to update and modernize the school campus in a cohesive master plan to meet the curriculum of a 21-century education.

Key components of the project:

The Clyde Hill campus will be transformed and will feature:


The lower campus building replacement will provide for enhanced environmental climate control, enhanced day lighting, enhanced classroom lighting/technology and campus security. The buildings will be constructed with current energy code sustainability.

  • New Junior High School Class Wing
    • JHS Classrooms
    • Dedicated JHS Commons
  • New Junior and Senior High School Class Wing(s)
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Classrooms and Labs
    • Student Academic Services (SAS)
    • Teacher and Student Collaboration Spaces
    • Arts/Digital Media/Video Classrooms
    • Black Box Theatre
    • Administration Offices
  • New Gymnasium: Will provide athletic teams with adequate practice space and families with quality viewing experiences at games; will also include:
    • Weight / Training Rooms
    • Locker Rooms
    • Auxiliary Gym
  • New Outdoor Field – Sacred Heart Lower Field
    • Two – U-10 (7 on 7) Soccer Fields, or One U-12 (11 on 11) Soccer Field
    • All Weather Synthetic Turf
    • Located Over Subterranean Parking Structure
  • Expanded Parking: Will support a growing student body and is required by city ordinance.
    • New Subterranean Parking Structure – Sacred Heart Lower Field
    • Expanded Parent Drop-Off and Loading Lanes
    • Dedicated Bus Drop Off and Loading. Separated from Vehicles


The existing High School replacement will provide for enhanced environmental climate control, enhanced day lighting, enhanced classroom lighting/technology, campus security and current energy code sustainability.

  • New High School Classrooms
    • Teacher and Student Collaboration Spaces
  • New Theater Arts Stage, Music Rooms and HS Commons with Deli
  • New Library
  • New Expanded Athletic Field – Bellevue Christian School Upper Field
    • HS Competition – Soccer Field
    • HS Competition – Football field
    • HS Competition – Track (6 Lane) and Field Events
    • All Weather Synthetic Turf
  • New District Offices
  • Expanded Parking: Will support a growing student body and is required by city ordinance.
    • Dedicated Visitor Parking – District Offices
    • Dedicated Faculty/Staff Parking


Our Promise

“By this means, men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” -John 13:35

We will:

  • keep the Clyde Hill community informed throughout the project using this website as a central location for updates, information and two-way communications

  • maintain our commitment to be good neighbors throughout the construction project

  • respond swiftly to community and neighbor’s questions and concerns

  • share our progress and our joy throughout this project

Meet the Team


Architect = Mahlum
Civil Engineer = Coughlin Porter Lundeen
Landscape Architect = Cascade Design Collaborative
Athletic Field Design = D.A. Hogan
Structural Engineer = Swenson Faye Faget
Electrical Engineer = TFWB Engineers
Mechanical Engineer = Metrix Engineers


John Norman – Quarterdeck Company LLC

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Questions & Answers


We’ve tried to anticipate questions neighbors and community members might have about our project with our FAQ list here. Click any question to see the answer.

Phase I – Lower Campus Building Replacement  –  Summer 2020 to Fall 2021
Construction start to commence summer 2020. The actual start date is dependent on timely approvals, successful fundraising, and obtaining financing. Site upgrades to Sacred Heart Lower Field are planned to begin April 2020. BCS campus building demolition will proceed at the end of the 2020 school year and continue over Summer 2020. Phase I building and classroom work will be complete in time for Fall 2021 start of school year. Site improvements will continue through October 2021. Start to finish estimate: 16 months.

Phase II – High School Replacement: – 10 to 25 years after Phase I.
Upgrades for the new high school will follow at a time period 10 to 20 years after completion of Phase I. Phase II project approval will be vested under the current master plan permit process, secured through City of Clyde Hill.

Phase II construction schedule will follow a shorter timeline then Phase I construction: 14 months. Building demolition and site construction, once started, will begin in the summer with occupancy the following fall.

Phase I – Lower Campus Building Replacement: New building spaces will be built into a single, unified new facility. Teaching areas will include new Junior High School, Student Academic Services (SAS) wing, Physical Science STEM classrooms and Wet Labs, Industrial Engineering Lab, Expanded Gym and Auxiliary Gym, Blackbox Theatre and Administration offices. Site improvements will include Sacred Heart/Bellevue Christian School new field, parking structure and new surface parking area.

Phase II – High School Replacement: New High School will be joined to the existing Phase I building. Upgrades for the new High School will include new HS classrooms, HS commons, Theater Arts Stage/Music, Library and District Offices. Site improvements will include a new and expanded Athletic Field/Track.

Construction activities will be restricted to hours and levels designated by the City of Clyde Hill’s (2017) Building Project Guide of Monday through Friday 7 AM to 6 PM and weekends and holidays 10 AM to 4 PM.

Yes, there will be temporary buildings on campus. They are needed to conduct school for junior high and select high school programs, through the Phase I construction period.

Portable classrooms will be located near the BCS – Clyde Hill upper athletic field for the one-year period. Fortunately, the high school building remains through Phase I construction. We will continue to use the existing high school classrooms, theater arts stage/music rooms, commons, library and district office during the school year 2020-2021.

Phase II construction will also utilize the BCS – Clyde Hill upper athletic field. Portable classrooms will be located for a one-year period. We will use the completed Phase I – Lower Campus building to support teaching curriculum through the one-year period.

Parking accommodations will include a select number of onsite stalls and greater number of offsite parking stalls secured through temporary parking agreements with Bellevue Presbyterian Church and Sacred Heart.

Athletic facilities, indoor and outdoor use, will be removed through Phase I demolition and construction. BCS is actively working with our current off-site athletic facility providers including Marymoor Park, Bellevue Presbyterian Church and Chinook Middle School (MS) to assure athletic activities continue through Phase I construction. Phase II construction will not impact  indoor gym, auxiliary gym and weight room facilities as these will be completed under Phase I.

Energy conservation features in the proposed new school include classroom day lighting optimization, increase floor, wall and roof insulation, metering for energy use, and inclusion of high performing windows.  Building massing and classroom orientation will minimize solar heat gain. Building material selection and construction techniques will be tailored to create a healthy indoor environment.

Electrical conservation features include building envelope design to 2016 WA – Public School building code compliance, automatic electric lighting dimmers, occupancy and vacancy sensors and high efficiency energy lighting fixtures.

Mechanical conservation features include building design to 2016 WA – Public School building code compliance. Cooling systems to include Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) supply and return to all Classrooms, Student Academic Services, Common Areas. Classrooms to be provided Displacement Ventilation air augmented with Direct Exchange (refrigerant) Spot Cooling for occupant comfort, improved environmental air quality and increased energy efficiency through the school year. Heating systems to include high efficiency condensing boilers, low temperature heating water system, hydronic instead of fan-based heating system, ceiling fans reducing mechanical cooling/high efficiency heat pumps and condensing water heaters. Mechanical water conservation features will include low-flow plumbing fixtures.

Perimeter landscaping will incorporate water saving point irrigation. Existing trees and landscaping plantings at perimeter will be evaluated for protection and preservation where feasible in coordination with City of Clyde Hill arborist.

Yes, the development on the Sacred Heart – Lower Parcel, will be completed in Phase I. The scope includes the playfield, surface and subterranean parking facility and below grade stormwater infiltration system.

The Sacred Heart Playfield will be screened from NE 15th Street and 98th Ave NE in accordance with the landscaping plan to be approved by the city prior to the issuance of any building permits for the project. The design team is planning on coniferous trees, although specific species have not yet been determined. Tree heights have been proposed sufficient to screen the proposed playfield and playfield fencing, but have not been reviewed by city at this time.

Yes, the parking spaces south end of the site would be available for use by Sacred Heart outside of BCS regular school hours and on weekends when not otherwise utilized by BCS campus operations. Provision will be made for the 32 surface stall spaces located between the parking structure and the main school entrance to be available for Sunday use by Bellevue Presbyterian Church by parking agreement between Sacred Heart and Bellevue Presbyterian Church.

This is under consideration. Access to the garage will be restricted. The school’s priority is to eliminate any nuisances. Parking structure will include overhead operable doors (rolling grille) at both entrance and exit.

Bus access to the new site includes bus only ingress/egress off of 98th Ave NE. The bus loop has loading capacity for 4 buses. Bus drop off and loading will be separated fully from vehicle drop off and loading.

No. Bus storage for Clyde Hill campus will be provided by separate off-site agreements with vendors for storage and maintenance. For bus storage, BCS has entered into a parking agreement with Diamond Parking Bellevue. Bus maintenance is similarly secured with a maintenance facility through Harlow’s, located in Auburn.

The new site entry will locate to the south of the new campus building, accessed off of 98th Ave NE and opposite NE 16th Street (current BCS lower lot entrance). Our traffic engineer has determined the appropriate vehicle load and unload drive length needed to accommodate planned future vehicle access under a slightly expanded student head count growth (540 students to 600 students).

The Phase I building will be ready for occupancy 14 months after the start of construction with site work continuing for an additional two months. See FAQ – Item #1 for more information.

For construction operations, our general contractor, Cornerstone General Contractors Inc., will review and secure approval for approved haul routes, including requirements for flaggers and street sweeping to remove debris with the City of Clyde Hill – Public Works and Building Departments.

During the Phase I and Phase II construction periods, parking for the BCS – Clyde Hill campus school operations including faculty/staff, students, and contractor vehicles will be provided through a combination of BCS – Clyde Hill campus on-site and off-site parking resources. Off-site parking has been secured through agreements with Bellevue Presbyterian Church and Sacred Heart Parish/School.

BCS will be building upon relationships already in place with off-site locations including: Bellevue Presbyterian, Marymoor Park, and Chinook Middle School. We will put in place additional off-site fields where ever possible to minimize a dramatic change from current practices. BCS teams already practice and compete off-site at several locations.

Yes, we have met with City Clyde Hill (CCH) on numerous project planning and permit meetings to review the project details and permit processing pathway. Pathway for project planning approvals will be secured under the City of Clyde Hill (CCH) Development Agreement planning ordinance. Project Development Agreement and Phased Master Plan has been reviewed and approved under separate open hearings conducted with CCH – Planning Commission on August 23rd, 2018 and CCH – City Council on October 9, 2018.

City plan review is ongoing through Construction Document production in preparation for CCH – Building Department plan check intake targeted for July, 2019.

Yes, we conducted a Community Open House and invited all property owners abutting the BCS- Clyde Hill campus. Postcard mailings went out to over 95 properties located within 300 feet of our campus and Sacred Heart – Lower Field. The Community Open House was held on the evening of June 28, 2018, at the BCS Commons. Our project architect Mahlum, presented the project Master Plan including planned site impacts / mitigations, phasing and schedule. Open Q&A followed the presentation. Attendance was limited, but we received additional input from the community.

Additional public open hearings were conducted through the course of the project Master Plan review and approval process through CCH – Planning Commission on August 23rd, 2018 and CCH – City Council on October 9, 2018.

The Master Plan envisions that all existing building on the Clyde Hill campus will ultimately be demolished and removed from the site. In Phase I, only the existing High School (“G” building – Built 1992) will remain. The existing High School building will be replaced under Phase II.

The only existing space to be remodeled through Phase I construction will include an interior remodel of the existing administration offices, approximating 3,700 GSF. This work will accommodate temporary relocation of District Office staff at completion of Phase I. This office space will be replaced in Phase II.

Working with our architect and traffic engineer, we have relocated the main entrance from NE 18th Street to 98th Ave NE, opposite NE 16th Street (existing BCS – Lower Lot Entrance). The relocated entrances will alleviate congestion on NE 18th Street with Chinook MS and provide an expanded vehicle drop off and loading access lane on the CBS – Clyde Hill campus.

Bus access/egress will include a separate, dedicated drive loop accessed off of 98th Ave NE (existing BCS – Mid Lot Entrance). Separation of bus drop off and loading from vehicle circulation will serve public safety and aid in bus unload and load time.

This information will be forthcoming once we have moved into Spring 2020 and have completed design drawings, permit submittal and fine-tuned site demolition and earthwork moves with our general contractor – Cornerstone General Contractors Inc. This information will be coordinated in advance with City of Clyde Hill – Public Works and Building Departments.

The Master Plan envisions new perimeter landscaping and select tree plantings at NE 18th Street, 98th Ave NE and NE 15th Street. We have meet previously with City of Clyde Hill – Tree Arborist to discuss and put in place a Tree Protection Plan to be undertaken through Phase I and Phase II – Course of Construction. Landscape planting design strategy is in process and not yet finalized at this time.

New athletic field improvements at Sacred Heart – Lower Field and BCS – Clyde Hill campus Upper Field will be completed with new infill synthetic turf surface, including base layer and under drain system to allow for year-round use. Additional benefits include improved storm water flow from fields to dedicated storm water infiltration vault (under parking lot), reduced irrigation water use and elimination of lawn maintenance and lawn fertilization (reduce source nitrogen uptake to rivers and lakes).

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